Hausner's Precast
Oil Water Interceptors

Hausner’s offers oil water interceptors with and without coalescing media. Oil water Interceptors are most commonly used in commercial service garages, industrial plants or other businesses that are required to ensure that the water supply is not tainted with oil and other impurities as it enters the sewer systems.

An oil water interceptor works by skimming the oil off the top of the water, since oil will rise to the water’s surface. This process of nature allows the interceptor to naturally pull the oil off the top of the water and transfer it to another compartment, where the oil will remain until it is removed by a specialized service.

Our oil water interceptors come in 1000 and 2000 gallon sizes.

Hausner's Precast
Sand Oil Water Interceptors

Our sand oil water interceptors are available in:
4000 (system)